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Singer Files For Divorce

May 15, 1985 GMT

PROVO, Utah (AP) _ Claiming she had been treated cruelly, singer Marie Osmond has filed for divorce from Steve Craig six months after the couple separated and began a reconciliation period, a family spokesman said.

Ms. Osmond, 25, asked $1 per year alimony, reasonable child support and custody of the couple’s son, 2-year-old Stephen James Craig. The action filed Tuesday claimed she had been treated ″cruelly, causing her great mental distress.″

Ms. Osmond and Craig, 28, a former Brigham Young University basketball player, were married in June 26, 1982, in a highly publicized ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple of the Mormon Church.


The 11/2 -page divorce complaint, filed in 4th District Court in Provo, also asked the court to decide how the couple’s property should be divided if Ms. Osmond and Craig can’t reach an agreement.

The document did not elaborate on the reason for the divorce. Osmond family spokesman Ron Clark said he had been’They won’t talk,″ he said. ″I talk about it more than they do. Everything I ask them is ’no comment,‴ he said.

The couple made their home in Los Angeles after their wedding. Clark said Ms. Osmond has been living in the Provo area with her son since the separation.

At the time of her marriage, Ms. Osmond said, ″It feels wonderful; I got the best.″

Following the temple wedding rites, which Mormons believe bind couples together for eternity, the couple celebrated with a reception attended by 4,000 guests.

Ms. Osmond, the only girl in the singing Osmond family, earned fame at age 13 with the hit song ″Paper Roses,″ and starred with her brother, Donny Osmond, on television’s ″Donnie and Marie Show″ during the early 1970s.

She also co-starred in ″Goin’ Coconuts,″ an Osmond-produced feature film, and in the television movie ″The Gift of Love.″

Three years before her marriage to Craig, Ms. Osmond was engaged to Brigham Young University student Jeff Crayton. However, the engagement was called off after two months.