Martha’s Vineyard resident decries alleged Greenwich teen vandalism spree

December 28, 2018 GMT

GREENWICH — Karen Caliri, one of more than a dozen Martha’s Vineyard homeowners impacted by a rash of vandalism allegedly committed by Greenwich teens last week, said the worst part about the ordeal is her expectation that those responsible will never face any real consequences.

“It was intentional, mean, nasty, stupid vandalism,” she said. “The people who live on the island year-round are normal folks with children and families and they are all appalled that there is no parenting involved in this situation. That is the worst that has come of this.”

Early on Dec. 21, Edgartown, Mass., police officers received reports of broken fences, damaged street lamps,smashed glass doors, shattered windows and more at multiple private properties and one lot owned by the town, according to a release from the department.

When officers stopped by a home to question teenage suspects, a police report says they found liquor bottles, beer cans and solo cups littered in the house. A girl told police she and 15 friends, most of whom were from Greenwich, were staying at her parents’ house, according to police.

Two of the boys — one 18 and one 17 — who were with the group were charged for the vandalism, said Police Chief Bruce McNamee. The 16-year-old girl, whose house the group stayed at, was issued a summons for furnishing alcohol to minors, the chief said on Friday.

The group of teens came and left the island on a chartered jet, McNamee told the Vineyard Gazette.

Gavin Scotti 3rd, 18, of Greenwich, and a 17-year-old boy have been charged with 14 counts of defacing or damaging property, McNamee said. The names of the 17-year-old boy and the 16-year-old girl who were charged were not released to the public because they are minors.

Attempts to reach Scotti and his family were unsuccessful on Friday.

“It makes us think that in Greenwich, Connecticut children are not taught any responsibility or manners,” said Caliri. “And what do the parents do? They take care of you and take you home on a private jet. We’re average Americans here and we were not brought up that way.”

Caliri said the most “outrageous” tidbit is the fact that a 16-year-old girl’s parents jetted her and her friends to the island without supervision.

“It’s like Brett Kavanaugh syndrome,” Caliri said, referring to the Supreme Court justice who was accused of assaulting a girl while a wealthy prep school student. “It’s the same thing: rich kids behaving inappropriately and getting away with it. They are not held accountable.”

It’s especially worrisome, Caliri said, because the same privileged children who allegedly committed the vandalism may become the part of the next generation of the country’s elite.

“I don’t think they will themselves feel accountable or try to change their attitudes about parenting,” she said of the teens’ guardians. “I’m sure they grew up the same way they are raising their children.”

News of the vandalism garnered strong online reactions.

“Those kids should have been kept in jail and/or have a significant bail — especially for a felony,” wrote one commenter on the online Vineyard Gazette story.

“Obviously the parents were in the know, allowing use of the private plane. Shameful to so disrespect and harm your neighbors,” posted another.

Other commenters to the Gazette were more forgiving.

“There is no doubt that this is a tough and unfortunate situation,” wrote one, who identified as an Edgartown resident. “I believe it was just teen stupidity. The fact that they came in a private plane does not make them bad people. It makes them wealthy. Teens all over the island, state of CT and the world do stupid things. Properties can and will be repaired. Grateful no one was hurt.”