SC House approves bill over unproven abortion pill reversal

April 30, 2022 GMT

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina House has approved a bill that require doctors to tell women who seek medication to have an abortion that there is an unproven way to reverse the procedure.

The 71-29 vote Wednesday sent the bill to the Senate, where its ultimate fate is unclear. There is just six legislative days left in the 2022 General Assembly’s regular session.

Chemical abortions require two drugs and the bill would have doctors attach a statement to the prescription or other medical papers that research has shown a pregnancy can be saved after the first pill is taken.

But several OB-GYNs testified during a subcommittee hearing there is no clinical proof the procedure can be reversed and attempts could endanger the life of the woman.

“We are not medical professionals in this chamber,” said Democratic Rep. Beth Bernstein of Columbia, arguing against the bill.

The bill’s lead sponsor said she just wants to give a woman a choice if they regret taking the first of the two pills.

“To be a party of pro-choice is what the left touts all the time. But a woman has another choice, and they want to take that from her,” said Rep. Melissa Oremus, a Republican from Aiken.