Accidents on Highway 95 addressed

March 3, 2017 GMT

NEEDLES — The city manager and public works director for Needles met with representatives from the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, Public Works Department, California Highway Patrol and Caltrans to review recent accidents on Highway 95 south near Spikes road. City Manger Rick Daniels informed the council and public on the conclusions that were reached during the Feb. 14 city council meeting.

Caltrans is investigating beginning a 40 mile-per-hour speed zone further south, thus lowering vehicle speed at the point those recent accidents have occurred. Caltrans is also going to investigate adding signs to warn trucks of the risk of tipping at that point, and is investigating regrinding and resurfacing that section of the roadway.


Incident command will be changed too.

There will be an effort to direct trucks getting off the freeway to reenter the freeway from Five Mile Road. Upstream traffic will be intercepted and directed to Five Mile for freeway access. Caltrans will not direct traffic onto city streets and city public works crews will establish barricades to control any traffic exiting off the highway onto residential streets.

“Another thing that we came to the conclusion is that this was the first time that all of these different departments were in the same room together so we decided to meet quarterly to stay on top of things,” said Daniels.