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Scotsman Says He’s Selling Sand to the Saudis

March 22, 1990 GMT

ALLOA, Scotland (AP) _ A Scottish farmer said Wednesday he is selling sand to Saudi Arabia even though that arid country is mostly desert.

″The Saudis have a lot of sand but it is the wrong shape,″ said the farmer, John Keddie.

The Saudis want tons of Keddie’s sand to use in filtration systems for water supplies and swimming pools.

″Their sand is too round. Ours is cuboid with the corners rubbed off. Ours is also very hard so it doesn’t break down in the filters,″ said the farmer.

Keddie grows oilseed rape and wheat on 600 acres at Alloa near the Forth River in southeast Scotland.

He said he investigated the potential of his local sand two years ago and made his first sale of sand for glass-making when he found he could no longer make a living only by farming.