Jason Momoa struggled finding work after Game of Thrones

December 15, 2018 GMT

Jason Momoa struggled to get work after ‘Game of Thrones’.

The 39-year-old actor starred as Khal Drogo - head of the Dothraki khalasar - in for the first two seasons of the HBO show and has admitted playing the brutish character, who didn’t speak, meant he wasn’t approached very often for other roles.

Appearing on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, he said: “I didn’t get much work after that (‘Game Of Thrones’).

“I mean, what do you do with that? He (his character) doesn’t speak English, he’s not funny and he just hurts people.

“I played that character well so it was a bit challenging afterwards. People would literally say, ‘Wow, you speak English!’”


Momoa also admitted he’s still yet to watch himself in ‘Aquaman’ as he wants to wait to see it with his wife Lisa Bonet and their two children; Lola, 11, and 10-year-old Nakoa-Wolf.

The Hawaiian film producer, who takes on the titular DC Comics character in the movie, said: “Here’s the thing - I have two babies aged 10 and 11. They were on set for the whole filming and they made me promise them that I wouldn’t watch it until I can watch it with them.

“I want to share it with my children and sit and hold their hands - it’s a rare moment for a father and generally, they can’t watch the things I do!”

Momoa previously admitted he would like to take on the role of a lawyer or a romantic.

He said previously: “I don’t normally get to do ‘silly’ things. I’m normally hired to play that guy - the barbarian, the brute. After ‘Game Of Thrones’, no one was thinking I’d be perfect for a rom-com.

“I want people to see me be funny, and romantic, not just some big lug.

“It would be nice to play a doctor or a lawyer. But the truth of it is, they’ve got someone to play those roles. If I have to play a brute, how about a soft brute or one with a heart of gold? If I got offfered that then f**k it, it’s on.”