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AFT asking for county policy on flooding situations

March 1, 2018 GMT

WAYNE — The American Federation of Teachers is asking that Wayne County Schools implement or alter policy to include specifications for rules on flooding.

During a meeting last week, an AFT representative spoke in reference to teachers at Crum Prek-8 being faulted for not physically being able to attend school on Feb. 12 due to high flood waters.

According to the representative, failing to cancel school at Crum for the day not only resulted in very low attendance, but also resulted in employees from the school losing pay in a situation where many did not feel it was fair.

“We urge you to look at your policies and either implement one pertaining to physical inability to report to work due to environment or to alter existing policy to stipulate that employees not lose pay on those days,” the representative said. “We are just asking that in instances where it can be proven that employees physically cannot report to school that they not be faulted.”


On Feb. 12, high flood waters prevented many employees from reporting to work due to completely covered roadways. Some even chanced the waters putting their lives at risk to report for school due to the decision to leave schools open.

Superintendent Todd Alexander said he was not aware of the situation and was told by those who regularly report such instances as road conditions that roadways were able to be traveled that morning.

“My sources indicated that the roadways were not flooded and able to be traveled at the time in which a decision was to be made on whether to close,” he said.

Board President Trey Morrone said it seemed as though there was a communication issue.

“Superintendent Alexander isn’t as familiar as some to all the areas of our county and is still learning, therefore he relies upon sources to report such things to him,” Morrone said. “It is clear there the roadways were flooded, so we are not sure where communication was broken in this situation.”

Board members all agreed to look into the issue farther.