Alaska police find 3 bodies on vessel, cite controlled substances as possible contributing factor

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Three people in Juneau, Alaska, were found dead over the course of three days on board a vessel anchored offshore, police said Saturday.

The Juneau Police Department said a 34-year-old woman reported on Wednesday that she found her 51-year-old friend dead on board the Dusky Rock. His body was sent to Anchorage for an autopsy.

Two days later, police received a report of another death on the vessel, which was still anchored offshore at Savikko Park, locally referred to as Sandy Beach.

Responding authorities found two dead women on board, including the 34-year-old who reported her friend dead days earlier. The other woman was 28. Both women were Juneau residents. Their bodies were also sent to Anchorage for autopsies.

No one else was on the boat. Firefighters checked for harmful fumes but found none. They towed the vessel to Aurora Harbor.

Police said the use of controlled substances may have contributed to the deaths.