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Lee and Whiteside County property transfers: May 12, 2018

May 12, 2018 GMT

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of April 30:

Warranty deeds

• Larry D. and Ginny L. Whitebread to Angela K. and Richard T. Lance, 1667 Hoover Road, Deer Grove, $185,000.

• Jason Knowles to Jacob Robert Thompson, 2805 Yeoward St., Rock Falls, $10,000.

• Stella Kulas to Troy Powell, 1111 Hilltop Drive, Rock Falls, $17,000.

• Keith and Lauri Meier to Larry J. and Vicky L. Deneve, 620 Woodlawn Drive, Prophetstown, $72,000.

• Ann E. Weaver Estate to John A. and Monty R. Venhuizen, 929 Main St., Erie, $120,000.

• Jeton Abduli to Reid A. and Holly A. Borcich, 341 Washington St., Prophetstown, $20,000.

• AJKM Farms LLC to Jave Farms LLC, one parcel on Sand Road near Fulton, $196,560.

• Jave Farms LLC to AJKM Farms LLC, one parcel on Albany Road near Erie, $636,300.

• Robert J. and Sheila N. Henard to Chad W. Schwartz and Amanda K. Pearson, 11449 Garden Plain Road, Morrison, $225,000.


• U.S. Bank to VJM Investments LLC, 204 W. Kimball Road, Tampico, $7,250.

• David E. Phillips Sr. to David E. Phillips Sr. and Robert Phillips, 502 18th Ave., Fulton, $0.

• James E. Wimmer to Neill E. Hill, 14149 Spring Hill Road, Prophetstown, $175,000.

• Rock River Housing Trust, Susan J. Spratt, trustee, to Gerri K. Johnson, 707 W. 13th St., Sterling, $84,900.

• James and Rebecca Jackson to Philip M. and Wendy K. Ottens, 1115 Fourth St., Fulton, $100,000.

• Lynette R. Damhoff to Kevin M. and Lindsay A. Buis, 15501 Bishop Road, Morrison, $180,000.

• Up To Code Properties LLC to Gabriel Capilla Jr., 609 W. Sixth St., Sterling, $91,500.

• Joseph M. and Shaylyn O’Laughlin to Tabetha Coleman, 1309 W. Third St., Sterling, $82,000.

• Wiersema Holmes Inc. to Christopher Davisson and Elle Christine Gerdes, 25635 Indian Ridge Road, Sterling, $135,000.

• Vap Properties LLC to Sterling Controls, 24711 Emerson Road, Sterling, $350,000.

• John E. and Audrey F. Lindskog to Bradley A. Lindskog, 449 Lyndon Road and 1325 Lyndon Road, both near Prophetstown, $0.

• John R. Malmstrom to Austin, Lance, Lucas and Phillip Coers, $10,000, one parcel on Meredosia Road near Albany, $10,000.

• Ellen Jane Repass to Jason Gordon, 27665 Kneif Road, Rock Falls, $62,000.

• Mary R. and Larry G. McCormick Trust to Jared Strader and Shayann Bartelt, one parcel on Susan Court in Sterling, $25,000.

• Catherine A. Withrow and Richard E. Gronlund to Benjamin M. Walters, 19850 Jersey Road, Prophetstown, $195,000.

• Joshua T. and Cathy Woodard to Brenda L. Harris, 410 Third Ave., Rock Falls, $91,500.

• Helen D. Last Estate, Cynthia R. Peterson, Cathy A. Canas, and Carolyn P. Prater to Richard A. and Elizabeth A. Barnhart, 808 W. 18th St., Sterling, $62,000.

• Brooke C. Emmert to Daniel E. Walker, 1510 10th Ave., Rock Falls, $56,500.


• Esteban Davi Ramos and Mary Ann Ramos to David R. Beer and Kayla A. Parker, 407 Avenue I, Sterling, $74,500.

• Regina E. Keith to Iris L. Yarbrough, 510 Jenkran St., Unit 1, Morrison, $48,500.

• Raed Jibawi to Abdulqader Mizyed, 4300 W. Lincolnway, Sterling, $65,000.

Quit claim deeds

• Larry D. and Ginny L. Whitebread to Henry and Eugene Sobottka, Nancy McNee, and Vera Noe, one parcel on Hoover Road near Deer Grove, $1,800.

• Henry and Eugene Sobottka to Larry D. and Ginny L. Whitebread, one parcel on Hoover Road near Deer Grove, $900; Vera Noe to Whitebreads, $450; and Nancy McNee to Whitebreads, $450.

• Krystal Lynn Hamilton Case to Jerome Case, 16540 Waller Road, Fulton, and one parcel in Garden Plain Township, $0.

• Joshua and Jamie Mosher to Joshua Mosher, 111 S. Canal St., Tampico, $0.

• Rock River Tool and Die Inc. to SBJ Enterprises LLC, 205 E. Third St., Rock Falls, and two parcels in Coloma Township, $0.

• Roice and Dean Scott to Roice Scott and Sueann Grillo, 1307 Mary Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

• Jamie Counts to Kevin Price, 5789 Cordova Road, Erie, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

• Richard T. and Angela K. Lance to Scott A. Wolber Trust, 11479 Riverdale Road, Rock Falls, $35,000.

• Ruth E. Kelly Trust to Roy A. and Mary Lou Haney, 309 E. Market St., Tampico, $64,900.

• Gaile M. Brinkman, trustee to Barbara M. Janis, 704 S. Church St., Albany, $350,000.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of April 30:

Warranty deeds

• Midwest Tulsa Property Inc. to Genesis and Jose Fuentes, block 27, lot 31, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

• Melissa L. and Sean H. Milnes to Jeffrey Sarno, block 29, lot 302, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

• Anthony G. Korte to Citlalli and Ricardo Espinoza, block 6, lot 160, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

• Kayleen Irizarry to Yvette Lozano-Renteria and Marco A. Renteria, block 24, lot 132, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $36,000.

• Anthony and Lynn Venticinque to Martin and Sylvia Chotsa, block 29, lot 26, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

• Michael Renello to Gina Thompson, block 9, lots 75 and 76, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $16,000.

• Joan B. and Michael G. Wortman to Carol and Thomas M. Parker, block 18, lot 82, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

• Daniel A. and Sandra Sowa to Margaret M. and Richard J. Lo Dolce, block 5, lot 301, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $3,000.

• Kirstie A. Gentry to Tanner Wilhelm, 503 Armeida St., Dixon, $77,000.

• GIFM Holdings Trust, U.S. Bank Trust National Association, trustee, to Roberto Chavez, 608 Logan Ave., Dixon, $35,000.

• Jeremy W. Jahn to Joshua J. and Shannon C. Dean, 333 Old Mill Road, Franklin Grove, $213,000.

• MAC 2 LLC to JCJR Realestate LLC, 120 W. River St., Dixon, $282,500.

• Patricia A. and Robby Kane to Richard and Valynda Bushman, 1106 Beech Drive, Dixon, $200,000.

• Timothy A. Love to Nancy L. and Rick R. Beck, 606 Douglas Ave., Dixon, $33,602.

• Community State Bank of Rock Falls – Dixon to James D. Hart, 1100 Northridge, Dixon, $104,000.

• Vonda S. Lafever to David L. and Dejuana M. Morgan, 1103 Palmyra St., Dixon, $155,000.

• James A. and Kathy A. Cagle to Andrea and Trevor Pinnick, 1972 Paw Paw Road, Steward, $197,000.

• Dome Tax Service Co. Inc. to David G. Snelling Jr., 222 N. Third St., Compton, $6,500.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Timothy C. Ruppert, 1207 Adelheid St., Dixon, $25,000.

• Gary L. and Lori A. Greenfield to Michael P. and Miranda C. Long, 1435 Tilton Park Drive, Dixon, $172,000.

• Emily E. Myers to James B. Robinson, 1101 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $100,000.

Quit claim deeds

• Shannon C. McNelis to Chris W. Whisenant, block 7, lot 87, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

• Natalie A. Lebron to Kelly Hicks, block 26, lot 25, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

• Colton C. Shaw to Neil Shaw, 1555 Sublette Road, Sublette, $0.

• Nickolaus J. Boldt and Ryan T. Boldt to Michael Renello, block 9, lot 75, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

• CSMC 2015-RPL1 Trust, Christiana Trust doing business as trustee, and Wilmington Savings Fund Society FCB to GIFM Holdings Trust, U.S. Bank, trustee, 608 Logan Ave., $0.

• Michelle L. Jahn to Jeremy W. Jahn, 333 Old Mill Road, Franklin Grove, $0.

• Robert Larson and David Vanderbilt to Kenneth D. Humennyj, Robert Larson, and David Vanderbilt, 449 Wyoming Ave., Paw Paw, $0.

• Sandra Arellano to Jose M. Amaya, block 5, lot 222, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

• Marguerite Hoyt to Barbara J. and Dennis E. Konieczny, block 19, lot 102, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

• Gilberto Garcia Trust, Tina Marie Figueroa, successor trustee, to Tina Marie Figueroa, block 29, lot 289, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

• Declaration of trust, Thomas E. Egggers and Kathleen G. Grozis, trustees, to Renae L. and Shawn E. Petritsch, 1321 Woodlawn Road, Lee, $321,000.

Executor’s deed

• The late Ruth Baker, Cathy Allers and Carol Red, independent co-executors, to Mary Fogle, 1783 Clearview Road, Dixon, $208,500.

Tax deed

• Lee County Clerk to Midwest Tulsa Property Inc., block 27, lot 31, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Administrator’s deed

• Adrienne D. Brown Estate, Gregory M. Brown, independent administrator, to Janelle N. and Jorge W. Fermaintt, block 5, lot 515, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Lease agreement

• William C. Cole Trust, William C. Cole, trustee, to Green River Wind Farm Phase 1 LLC, two parcels in East Grove Township and 285 state Route 26, Ohio, $0.

Sheriff’s deed

• Lee County Sheriff and Donald J. Taylor to PHH Mortgage Corp., 331 Grant Ave., Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

property transfers


April 27-May 3:

April 27

• Gloria M. Ohnstad, warranty deed to Robert Sheahan, Daniel Sheahan and Kimberly Sheahan, 7322 E. Oak Drive, Stillman Valley, $72,000.

• Michael D. Morgan and Ruth J. Morgan, warranty deed to Kayla M. Nebel and Cory R. Malake, 230 N. Lafayette St., Byron, $122,000.

• Erich A. Roth and Kathleen A. Roth, quit claim to Erich A. Roth and Kathleen A. Roth as trustees of the Roth Family Trust 1, 901 N. Crestview Trail, Byron.

• Larry White, warranty deed to David Waters, 203 E. Lincoln St., Mt. Morris, $110,000.

• Kelly E. Smith and Roxie A. Smith, warranty deed to Jerry M. Gittleson, 5793 W. Town Line Rd., Mt. Morris Township, $139,500.

• Shawna R. Campbell, quit claim to Shawna R. Campbell and Jackie R. Powell, 4790 W. Penn Corner Rd., Pine Creek Township.

April 30

• DLMJ Investments, warranty deed to Joshua M. Wolfe, 3 E. First St., Mt. Morris, $89,000.

• Robert J. McGarry III and Ashley R. McGarry, warranty deed to Michael Vajgrt, 1850 N. Southfield Lane, Byron, $136,000.

• Jose Garcia and Emily Garcia, warranty deed to Brian M. Carr and Jessica M. Carr, 402 S. Franklin Ave., Polo, $114,900.

• Juliane M. Vogel, warranty deed to Bryan J. Wagner, 5345 Harlan Drive, Flagg Township, $93,000.

• Trevor K. Pinnick and Andrea Pinnick, warranty deed to Daniel A. Allen, 117 N. Main St., Creston, $115,000.

May 1

• Mark Ebert and Ellen Ebert, warranty deed to Kody T. Neels, 108 Hillside Drive, Polo, $85,000.

• Joan Stoltz, warranty deed to Daniel Rivera Jr. and Ixchelle A. Rivera, 307 Otter Train Lane, Taylor Township, $166,500.

• Thomas R. Eighmy, warranty deed to George E. Schofield, 10887 N. Ill. Rte 2, Byron Township, $200,000.

• Ogle County Sheriff, Jacob R. Conklin and Jenifer M. Conklin, Sheriff’s deed to Hub Shuttle Inc., 3367 S. Manor Drive, Oregon-Nashua Township, $69,000.

• Ogle County Sheriff, Kraig A. Starkweather and Christine A. Starkweather, Sheriff’s deed to Hub Shuttle Inc., 11073 E. Lincoln Lane, Flagg Township, $23,101.

May 2

• Marvin G. Birkholz and Marietta M. Birkholz, warranty deed to Patrick M. McClanahan, 306 N. Walnut Ave., Forreston, $59,900.

• Penny Y. Wyatt, warranty deed to George Ewart and Jeanne Ewart, 406 Hill St., Mt. Morris, $74,000.

• Nancy A. Winterbug, warranty deed to Joshua B. Zumdahl and Rebecca L. Tipton, 5422 S. Lake Cedar Drive, Pine Creek Township, $235,000.

• Sherry L. Murphy, warranty deed to Wesley Fane and Anne Fane, 1141 Barbary Court, Rochelle, $207,000.

• Nathan W. Brown and Heather C. Brown, warranty deed to Kelsey L. Warrner and Nicholas W. Warrner, 1411 N. Southfield Lane, Byron, $205,000.

• Ray F. McCracken IV and Maryellen McCracken, warranty deed to Nathan Brown and Heather Brown, 3827 E. Mockingbird Lane, Byron, $258,000.

• Michael J. Lee and Lisa A. Lee, warranty deed to Timothy S. Valentine and Christine L. Valentine, 554 Westfield Drive, Stillman Valley, $170,000.

• Timothy S. Valentine and Christine L. Valentine, warranty deed to Benjamin R. Ruthe, 720 Golden Prairie Drive, Davis Junction, $177,000.

• Sharon D. Bailey, quit claim to Sharon D. Bailey as trustee of the Sharon D. Bailey Revocable Trust, 206 W. First Street, Mt. Morris.

• Reynolds M. Brown and Angela N. Brown, 402 N. Division Ave., Polo.

• Anna M. Day, warranty deed to Robert Day and Karen Day, 1243 Sunnymeade Drive, Flagg Township, $150,000.

May 3

• Kelli Schroeder, quit claim to Barbara Falls, 305 S. Eighth St., Oregon.

• Barbara Falls, warranty deed to DLMJ Investments, 305 S. Eighth St., Oregon, $65,000.

• Tandy L. Fischer, warranty deed to Charles J. Bishop and Yuniya S. Bishop, 5262 E. Hubbard Trail, Marion Township, $235,000.

• Betty Ferrari, warranty deed to Katherine Leigh Mudd and Jennifer Leann Fife, 902 N. 10th St., Rochelle, $119,000.

• Daniel I. Ford and Judy D. Ford, warranty deed to Michael J. Lee and Lisa A. Lee, 5135 E. Walden Rd., Marion Township, $242,500.

• Mark J. McCarthy and Sandy L. McCarthy, warranty deed to Samuel Ruiz, 203 S. Main St., Rochelle, $110,000.

• Richard H. Myers, warranty deed to Timothy R. Wiltfang and Tyler R. Wiltfang, 722 W. Town Line Rd., Leaf River Township, $207,500.

• Kamini M. Mchhar and Milan J. Machhar, warranty deed to Pablo Silva and Blanca E. Silva, 1123 & 1125 Ave. E, Rochelle, $76,000.

• James M. Schacht, warranty deed to Luke Furman and Mae A. Furman, 512 N. Ninth St., Rochelle, $81,500.

• Patrick J. Bozym and Jane E. Bozym, warranty deed to Ray F. McCracken IV and Maryellen McCracken, 8590 Byron Hills Drive, Byron, $211,500.