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Hilaria Baldwin’s son peed in a sippy cup

January 24, 2019 GMT

Hilaria Baldwin’s son left his mother “speechless” when he managed to pee in his “sippy cup”.

The 35-year-old health and wellness expert was shocked on Tuesday (22.01.19) when her son Rafael, three, proudly presented her with a cup full of his own urine, and although she wanted to “chastise him” for the odd behaviour, she was “impressed” with how he’d managed the feat.

Posting a picture of herself holding the cup on Instagram, Hilaria - who also has daughter Carmen, five, and sons Leonardo, two, and Romeo, eight months, with her husband Alec Baldwin - wrote: “Rafa just peed in this no joke. I have 4’s hard to surprise me - and this left me speechless.

“It goes like this:

“He was so proud of himself and comes up to me and says: “mommy! I just peed in a cup!” He led me over to this blue sippy cup and sure enough it was filled with warm pee. And he didn’t spill ONE DROP on the floor. I was impressed. Then I was like: do I chastise him? How do you parent here?!?!? So I told him thank you for telling me and that we need to pee in the toilet. Then he backtracked and tried to tell me he actually made me a cup of tea...I guess it was warm, so it was a good try . Then he went back to the truth. Oh parenthood!!! (sic)”


This isn’t the only funny story Hilaria has when it comes to her parenting journey either, as she recently described a time when her daughter Carmen “screamed for 40 minutes” after being told she couldn’t climb inside a trash can.

She recalled: “She kept on screaming that she wanted me to let her climb into the trash. And she was like, ‘You’re so mean! You’re a bad mommy! You won’t let me go in the trash!’

“She screamed for a solid 40 minutes after that about how I was so mean I wouldn’t let her go into the Union Square trash. And I will be telling her that story at the wedding.”