Jury is still out on Nebraska’s Ben Sasse

December 22, 2018 GMT

The letter from Mary in Norfolk came as a surprise — not because anyone might call into question my decidedly conservative approach to politics or my “bravery in citing the obvious” relative to the witch hunt cabal involving “special counsel” Mueller and his cronies in the FBI and the DOJ. And I do appreciate her expression of concern regarding the probability of reprisals for my honesty.

Which admittedly has crossed my mind a time or two of late — given the insanity incessantly postulated by Democrat zealots and mainstream media morons who have advocated for assaults on innocent people. But what truly caught my attention was Mary’s query about my thoughts regarding Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse. While a personal response may suffice, perhaps others share her concern as well.

Hence, let me state that the recent interview airing on TV in which Mr. Sasse admitted to waking up each morning “wondering why he’s a Republican” gives credence to what follows. Of course, knowing that he was an avowed never-Trump fanatic from the start (uncaring about 2016 ballots cast by Cornhusker state voters whom he was elected to represent), there can be nothing mysterious about his motivations.


One might reasonably ask Mr. Sasse what it is that he doesn’t like about a booming economy, record unemployment levels for blacks and Hispanics, millions of jobs added (including in manufacturing), companies coming back to American shores, wages increasing for the forgotten middle class, the disastrous Obamacare mandate scrapped, the death tax repealed (which is of special interest to ranchers and farmers).

Not to mention record numbers of new business start-ups, trillions added to the stock market (impacting retirement benefits big time), Supreme Court justices loyal to the constitution, better health care for veterans, a rebuilding of our military capability respect for the police and ICE agents, the removal of a criminal MS13 faction that preys on Americans, millions of folks off food stamp rolls, etc.

So, do the perplexing Nebraska senator’s loyalties more closely align with folks like Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel, California’s Jerry Brown and New York’s Andrew Cuomo, all of whom favor sanctuaries for illegal aliens (free stuff at taxpayer expense). Or how about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the self-styled socialism advocate whose Marxist philosophy has gained widespread approval among a liberal elite?

Frankly it’s hard to get a gauge on what Mr. Sasse truly believes — noting the obvious discrepancy between what he espoused prior to getting elected and what he has since modeled. It is a puzzling transformation indeed, which calls into question the honesty with which he wooed his constituency back in 2014. Could his personal disdain for a duly elected president have played a significant role in the switch?

Here, then, is the question of the day. At a crucial moment involving a critical choice, can Mr. Sasse be counted on to subordinate his personal feelings in favor of the best interests of his constituents, or is he another Ben Nelson (whose crucial 11th-hour vote ushered in Obamacare) clone who will turn his back on Nebraska voters?

The verdict awaits!