300 roosters seized in cockfighting raid in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Las Vegas police seized 300 roosters Friday they suspect were used for cockfighting and arrested at least one person at the scene on drug-related charges.

More charges are expected to be filed related to animal cruelty, police said.

City animal cruelty detectives and Clark County animal control officers rescued the animals during a raid at a house in northeast Las Vegas.

“Many of the roosters had their combs and spurs removed in preparation for fighting, police said. A search of the property also found razors typically attached to the birds’ legs.

Police said cockfighting is a cruel, violent sport in which roosters are forced to fight until one of them dies. It is illegal to participate, attend or promote such events, they said.

Animal welfare advocates praised the raid.

Marty Irby, executive director of Animal Wellness Action, urged federal, state and local authorities to “take swift and harsh action against those who seek to perpetuate this barbaric blood-sport.”

Irby said most gamecocks bred and raised in states like Nevada continue to be shipped internationally, transmitting, transmitting plagues such as Newcastle disease and Avian influenza.

“Cockfighting is not only inhumane and unconscionable but is also a breeding ground for the next major pandemic such as COVID-19,” he said.