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Someday, a return to sanity

January 23, 2018 GMT

The Trump presidency will vanish sooner or later — sooner if the Democrats gain control of one or both Houses of Congress after the November, 2018, election and certainly if the Democratic candidate, whoever it might be, wins the presidential election of 2020.

We will return to sanity as regards policies to cope with global warming, compassion with regard to affordable health care for all, fairness with regard to educational opportunity without incurring a massive personal debt, an equitable tax system, an essential but not bureaucratically burdensome regulation of banks and other corporations where markets fail, a foreign policy which seeks cooperation and shared responsibility for the common good of everyone on the planet.


Meanwhile, in President Obama we have the example and recollection of decency, humanity, compassion, integrity, and a First Family admired around the world and in which we could take great pride.

Daniel C. Hudson