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Friends in a time of need

December 27, 2017 GMT

Except for the heart attack, Dec. 9 would have been a wonderful day. Then again, maybe it is the reason why it was such a good day.

At 4:30 p.m., I asked Nina to take me to the hospital — we get as far as the Garden Valley fire station, where I met new friends, skilled and caring.

These firemen arranged a ride to the hospital with a crew of trained and skilled staff with a fast driver, and they became my friends. We arrived at the hospital where I was greeted by more friends. After a brief visit with these folks, I was whisked away for more attention to the operating room, where more people greeted me and helped me with my visit.


I awoke in Intensive Care Unit where a small group of ladies were pampering me and taking care of me. After a day with them, I moved to Progressive Care Unit and made three new friends who continued to watch over me and keep me comfortable and entertained.

All in all I had a wonderful time, except for that darned heart attack.

Thank you to all my new friends. You are wonderful.

Dennis Mason