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Thank you, Ms. Delahunt-Avila

February 6, 2018 GMT

Helen Delahunt-Avila wrote a thought-provoking article for the February 4th Journal. Thank you, Ms. Delahunt-Avila, for reminding all of us that there is danger to falling into a group-think mentality. I am a “practicing” Mormon and would never apologize for being such. But it is good to be reminded to stop and take stock of where I am and what I am doing. Who deserves my support and why? More than once, I am sad to say, I have heard the comment from fellow church members that, “Mormons can’t be Democrats.” Why not? Do members of the LDS Church need to be reminded that we were once the minority whose beliefs and practices led to various levels of persecution by the majority of fellow Christians during the early history of our Church? Today we Mormons are part of the majority, especially in southeast Idaho. Many of us are conservative by nature and nurture. That is fine if we still think and act for ourselves. Are we using our moral agency in a responsible manner? Let us make sure that we do not, in any way overtly or covertly, persecute those who we judge as being different due to their beliefs or practices. I have done that. Not proud of it, but it has happened. As Ms. Delahunt-Avila reminds us: What we have in common should be greater than our differences.


George Johnson,