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Jim Davis: Working for a living

February 18, 2019 GMT


Republicans did not put Trump in office, blue collar productive Americans put Trump in office. They are still Democrats and should return to the Democrats if and when the Democrats return to productive America.

During Obama’s eight years in office we lost over 210,000 productive jobs, during Trump’s first two years in office we have gained over 470,000 productive jobs. During the 2016 election, Obama was slandering Trump by saying that no one could bring jobs back to America – as Obama only created tax funded jobs and never any productive jobs.

And here is the division in America, if you work in the private sector, you have seen your wages stagnate for the past 20 years; if you work in the public sector, you have enjoyed annual raises, benefit increases and growing lifetime incomes (pensions). So the question is do you work for a living, or do you vote for a living?


Jim Davis