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Wary about a new tax

March 16, 2017 GMT

Wary about a new taxA word to the wise concerning the Democrats’ plan to tax home heating oil and natural gas to supposedly aid in the state’s renewable energy effort.In 2015, all Connecticut health professionals’ licensing fees were increased $5 to go toward HAVEN, a health care professionals support group.It should not surprise anyone with half a brain that not a dime of the $800,000 raised has been released from the Connecticut general fund and now Gov. Malloy proposes eliminating the HAVEN account and have the $800,000, plus all future $5 fees, go directly to the general fund.This is how things operate in Connecticut. Money collected for one thing goes toward another, usually to bail out ridiculous spending.The energy tax is just a ruse to help Dems bail themselves out of the fiscal mess they’ve created in our state.Michael CasertaFairfield