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Reingold Wins $175G Grant for After-school Program

September 11, 2018 GMT

By Chad Garner

Special to the Sentinel & Enterprise

FITCHBURG -- The Public Schools recently learned that Reingold Elementary School was selected for a new 21st Century After-School grant.

Reingold has been awarded $175,000 for the first year of funding.

“We are thrilled to be bringing the 21st Century After-School program back to Reingold,” FPS 21st Century District Coordinator Sue Tourigny said. “After-school programs are so important to the students and families in our community. The 21st Century programs provide students with additional academic support and enrichment activities that compliment the school day.


“Students enjoy the smaller group settings and the variety of engaging new activities the program has to offer. The staff that work in the programs are passionate about the rewarding experiences they offer, but more importantly they value the positive relationships they build with the students.”

FPS applied for the competitive funding to operate 21st Century at Reingold in April. A total of 29 schools across the state submitted proposals and 16 were awarded.

“After-school programs are a wonderful complement to our comprehensive school system,” Superintendent Andre Ravenelle said. “Through the hard work of many staff members and Fitchburg Public Schools’ excellent reputation for quality programs, we have been awarded a $175,000 grant for our fifth 21st Century school.”

FPS now has 21st Century After-School programs at Crocker, Reingold, South Street, Longsjo and Memorial.

The 21st Century grants are awarded in 3-year cycles. Barring any unforeseen federal cuts, FPS has secured after-school programs for the students of Reingold for a minimum of 3 years.

The process of getting the program up and running begins now.

“The work ahead for Reingold is the same for all sites,” Tourigny said. “In order to meet the October 1 start date, we will be hiring staff, recruiting students and building a schedule for the first 10 weeks. Parents seeking info about the program or financial assistance can contact me at tourignys@fitchburg.k12.ma.us . We also look for community partners that are interested in becoming involved with our students.”

The registration forms can be found here: https://sites.google.com/fitchburg .k12.ma.us/fitchburg/departments/21st-century?authuser=0

Garner is the public schools’ Family and Community Partnership Champion.