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New ‘pedal cart’ rentals appear in Riverfront Park

September 27, 2018 GMT

Pedal carts are now available for rent at Riverfront Park.

The city bought three carts, located at the skate ribbon, and first presented them to the public on Saturday. They will be available until Oct. 12, depending on the weather.

Rental times come in two options: a half-hour for $7.95, or a full hour for $9.95, said Jon Moog, director of Riverfront Park.

Moog said the carts are required to be kept in the park, or on the Centennial Trail to the East. They are not allowed on roads or city sidewalks.

Pedal carts are four-wheeled carts that ride low to the ground and are steered with a wheel.


“The public seems to really be enjoying them,” Moog said.

The pedal carts cost about $600 each, Moog said. They were bought as a trial, and the city won’t invest in more carts until it knows whether they are a success.

Moog said a wide range of ages can ride them. He said he recently saw a 5-year-old riding the pedal carts.

One visitor to the park, Linda LaPlante, who’s 5-foot-11, said she had no problems riding the cart after she rented one.

“It was fun,” she said.

The pedal carts have only one gear setting and can’t be pedaled more than 15 mph unless they’re going downhill, Moog said.

“It was easy to pedal,” said Sue Brunemeier, who accompanied LaPlante on their ride. “I’m not in the greatest shape, but I didn’t have any trouble getting up the hill.”

Helmets are required, which Riverfront Park offers for free, even for Lime bike and Lime scooter riders.

“We had a great time, Brunemeier said. “We rented them for an hour and saw the whole park.”