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Don’t put your trust in a trust fund

February 15, 2019 GMT

You shouldn’t believe an estate planner or any other legal con artist that tries to convince you that a trust fund would protect you and/or your families’ assets.

For instance, my deceased Mom wished and willed her Sherman estate to me, so that her grandchildren’s lifestyle and lifelong home would be secured. So then, I donated my property and inheritance to my three children via a Children’s Trust Fund. The Housatonic Valley Probate Judge authorized the Children’s Trust Fund.

Accordingly, the property on Route 37 in Sherman cannot be transferred or sold until the children become adults.


What I see as corruption, however, overrules law. Whereas the same judge who authorized the Children’s Trust Fund violated the terms of the trust and his own decree. The property was sold without the owners’ knowledge or consent. No one involved in the trust — not the trustee, trustor or beneficiaries — knew about the sale. Even though I was the owner and on the title of the property, I was never asked to sign off. The property was sold behind our back.

Citizens ought to know that the most successful grave robbers wear fine suits. Don’t trust a lawyer who says a trust is some sort of security. When we die our wealth and property is very susceptible and we are defenseless. Your will becomes a wish list controlled by lawyers.

Before you die, avoid inflicting your loved ones with forever nightmares. Search YouTube for “Corrupt Probate Court.” Maybe then you can find a way to sidestep the goals of this system.

Mark Heinonen