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Orchids & Onions: Monday, July 6, 2020

July 6, 2020 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu....

Onions to the dishonest nurse practitioner. You were closed during covid for my yearly checkup so you charged $275 to call in one months worth of prescriptions without telling me. Then you think your going to charge again now that you’re open. You lost another client.

Orchids to Dr. Cervera. The hospital surgical staff, nurses Jane, Ron and papa Joe. Plus your office staff Blondie and Heather for getting me through my latest operation. Thank you for making me feel better.

Onions to people complaining about me not wearing a mask. If you aren’t coughing or sneezing and I’m not either, no need for a mask. If you are stay home, I will. Wash your hands and social distance is the key. Common Sense.


Onions to closing the bars and restaurants again. When questioning new people with the virus they know who and where they have been. Those places should be looked into not all the business not affected. Some places are working very hard to keep their places safe.

Orchids to folks willing to think through the mask thing and consider the dangers connected to wearing one. Reduced blood oxygen levels, increased inhalation of carbon dioxide, perspiration and moisture growing bacteria, most important viruses are too small to be captured by one. On the positive side, some country is making a lot of money selling them! I applaud workers willing to wear one and pray it doesn’t make you sick.

Onions to all the seasoned citizens at the market. The mask you eschewed was meant for my protection, not yours. Thanks for nothing, you knuckleheads. 3 war vet.

Orchids to my hairdresser for fixing my horrible hair color. You are the best!

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