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Sullivan school closed Tuesday for roof repair

May 30, 2017 GMT

SULLIVAN — Sullivan Elementary School students had a longer-than-expected break over Memorial Day weekend after a downed tree punctured part of the school roof on Monday evening.

All students in the School District of Jefferson, including Sullivan elementary schoolers, had a four-day weekend on the calendar, with Friday through Monday off, but Sullivan’s break got extended an extra day due to the damage to the roof and resulting leakage.

Laura Peachey, director of business services for the district, said that a big tree came down in Monday evening’s storm, right in front of the school near the front sidewalk.


The tree punctured a small portion of the school roof over one classroom and water seeped in, Peachey said. The damage is estimated to have occurred between 7:30 and 7:45 p.m. Monday.

An alert passerby noticed the damage and notified Jefferson school district Superintendent Mark Rollefson, so the district was able to address the problem immediately, the business director said.

Insurance officials have been on the scene, although the school district has not yet received a specific estimate on the damage.

Meanwhile, maintenance crews were working overnight into Tuesday to repair the damage. The school was closed Tuesday while the work finished up.

Classes were slated to reopen Wednesday morning.