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Tulisa doesn’t date

May 6, 2019 GMT

Tulisa isn’t “much of a dater”.

The 30-year-old singer is currently single and has become a “bit of a hermit” but is happy not to have a man in her life because they are too “distracting” from work.

She told new! magazine: “I’m not even lying, there’s zero men.

“It’s just me and my dog.

“I don’t get out much. I’ve become a bit of a hermit. I used to be out clubbing every weekend, but I’m not like that any more.

“I’m not much of a dater. I’m all about work, work, work. And men are distracting!

“Now wouldn’t be a good time for that.”

The ‘Daddy’ hitmaker insists she’s not putting any “pressure” on herself to find someone to settle down with and it isn’t something she’s even thinking about at the moment.


She said: “When you get into your 30s, there’s so much pressure on females to have babies and settle down.

“Its like you haven’t lived or conformed with society unless you do that.

“Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a rebel, but I don’t like putting that pressure on myself.

“Unless I meet someone who blows my socks off, it’s not something I’m even going to think about.”

Tulisa is making a musical comeback after a lengthy spell out of the spotlight and she’s excited to be back.

She said: “I’m excited. It was so nice to have some ‘me’ time away from the industry but I’ve been in the studio for three years, writing music, so there’s a point where you’re like, ‘Let me out! The beast is ready!’ ”