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Couple shares owl insights

May 7, 2019 GMT

Beaver Dam Community Services & Activities will host a presentation titled “0 is for Owl” on Thursday, May 9, at 1:30 p.m. at The Watermark, 209 S. Center St.

Jack and Holly Bartholmai will give a photo/video essay on the activity of barred owls that nested in their backyard in 2018. “O is for Owl” is a presentation of both still photos and videos with sound that tell the story of a pair of nesting barred owls at Hickory Springs.

The selection of a nest site, laying of eggs, raising of young, the predators and prey that were a part of their lives, and how they dealt with the challenging spring weather of 2018 will be shown with the telling of their story. Kids from ages two to 92 can enjoy this program.


Jack and Holly produce presentations using Jack’s photography with music and readings selected by Holly to educate and entertain people. Their work centers on bringing the wonders of the natural world to people in a way that inspires them to appreciate and take care of the habitat and creatures found at their back doors.

There is no charge to attend.