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Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 2, 2018 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to my doctor, the staff, and technicians who cared for me on the third floor. Thanks so much. Mickie

Orchids to Adam at Romano’s Tattoo and Art Gallery. What a beautiful, professional experience. First time with you; will be back. Love your artistic ability of enhancing my vision. Never a victim, always a fighter!

Onions to the bums in Havasu. Cypress Park is beautiful. We don’t feel comfortable letting our children play there. Recently, two bums were observed in the bathrooms shaving and washing. Being homeless is from bad choices in life. Don’t ruin our park.


Onions to my letter carrier. I made a special ice container with a handle that fit in the mail box and placed a cola in it for her, and she took the ice container too; please take the cola but leave the ice container. And please return the container. WP

Orchids to our local VA and Arizona Desert Dermatology and Surgery. Together you’re the best...Keep taking care of our veterans.

Onions to the onion regarding demonstrations. Texting and driving is dangerous, but an individual’s choice. Someone with a weapon entering a school, concert or theater is his/her choice, not yours! Your comparison is apples to oranges.

Onions to the golf course employee who turned a hose on me because I asked why it was taking so long to construct a short section of cart path.

Onions to the place. If not enough drivers can fulfill your orders, be truthful about time. I could have picked it up. You stink!

Onions to Havasu gas stations raising prices eight cents a week. Good to be leaving town.

Orchids to Goodwill’s worker Berry at the jewelry area. She is always helpful and sweet to my impatient family of five. We will be nicer next time.

Orchids to Ace and Jackpot for being Lake Havasu City’s greatest hidden treasure. You both bring a smile to everyone as you walk along the channel. See you again in the fall. Your Canadian Buddy

Orchids to our police officers who are clamping down on those who do not use their turn signals before turning. We also appreciate the crack-down on speeders. What we really need is some driver’s education refresher courses.

Onions to the delivery boy who drives around town looking for traffic violators. Time to take off the blinders before you cause an accident.

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