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Letter to the editor: Headline unfair

April 12, 2018 GMT

Your print headline, “No. 2 spot goes to applicant with scant experience,” and article on Travis Day, applicant for a position in the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Department, is slanted toward the fact that Day has not had experience in such work, and emphasizes, even in the caption of his photo, his job in a clothing store (“Westmoreland sheriff hires recent college grad as second-in-command”). Not until the second-to-last paragraph on the front page comes information on his considerable education in criminal investigation (master’s degree) and bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice and political science. No one could have a better qualified background, short of years of work experience.


Your headline could much better have read, “No. 2 spot goes to well-qualified applicant,” rather than emphasizing “scant experience.”

The Tribune-Review’s investigation of the other applicants should be published, along with their photos.

Lynne Henry