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DOJ: Oxford snack shop to make ADA-compliant changes

May 5, 2018 GMT

OXFORD — An Oxford restaurant is set to make changes to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Department of Justice announced Friday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office reached a settlement agreement with Fritz’s Snack Bar in Oxford to resolve allegations that it was not in compliance with the ADA. The settlement agreement resolves a complaint filed by an individual with disabilities alleging the snack bar wasn’t accessible to people with physical disabilities.

The restaurant is set to make several changes, including adding accessible parking, adding an accessible entry route to the snack bar and to the patio, increasing the amount of accessible dining seats and ensuring the patio has a stable, firm, slip-resistant surface.


Fritz’s Snack Bar is expected to make these improvements over the next nine months, the DOJ said.

U.S. Attorney John H. Durham said the owners of the snack shop have cooperated and collaborated with his office to address the ADA issues without litigation.

“We appreciate the cooperation of the owners of Fritz’s Snack Bar and their commitment to increase the accessibility of their restaurant,” Durham said in a prepared statement.

Anyone who wants to file a complaint against any place of public accommodation or public entity in Connecticut for violating the ADA can contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office at 203-821-3700.

Additional information about the ADA can be found at www.ada.gov.