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Sleepy Hollow returns again

October 11, 2018 GMT

A Night in Sleepy Hollow” will transport you back to the time of Washington Irving’s novel of a similar name in the authentic Three Bay English Barn at Perry Farm.

This is the 26th year for “Sleepy Hollow” at Perry Farm and the eighth year for the reenactment from Acting Out Theatre Co., in conjunction with the Bourbonnais Township Park District.

Returning this year is the White Horse Tavern scene in the historic horse barn along with stops at a campfire, the orchard and exciting adventures in the “Hollow.”

The Tarrytown inhabitant Verity will be at the front entrance to the village. The audience will begin their journey to Tarrytown, better known as Sleepy Hollow, guided by inhabitants of that sleepy little village.


The audience will stop at the bewitching Greensburgh campfire of Jane and her grown children, Prudance and Samuel, as they keep busy concocting potions for the men who are searching the countryside for the headless horseman. Here, you’ll learn about the characters (and superstitions) who inhabit the village. You’ll also learn of an interesting visitor to the area, Ichabod Crane, portrayed by Nate Haug of Bourbonnais.

“Preparing for this role has been very fun and unique for myself, because my wife, Allie, is playing Katrina, the love interest in the performance,” Haug said. “We just got back from our honeymoon and had to jump right back into the role of Ichabod and Katrina.

“It’s easy to dive head first into a character like Ichabod when surrounded by such a unique and inviting atmosphere like Perry Farm during the fall. As for what people can expect for this year, expect the unexpected. I think the audience will be surprised to see some new faces throughout the show. Also because we have some new faces, expect to see some unique spins on character personalities not previously seen.”

Ichabod will have to confront his most formidable adversary, Brom Bones, portrayed by Michael Keigher, of Bourbonnais. Brom is known for his skillful horsemanship and has been known to tangle with the headless horseman.

This will be the third time Keigher has portrayed the role of Bones.

“I’m incredibly excited to bring him back to life,” he said. “In my ‘normal’ life, I’m a social worker for the Bourbonnais School District, so it’s fun to play a villain in this show.”

The journey takes you through a spooky orchard where Elijah, the town crier, is on the lookout for the headless horseman. Next stop is the White Horse Tavern for some refreshments before the long trip into the hollow. Serving up libations, stories and music will be Walter and Cornelius with some sass from barmaid Nellie.


The sojourn then continues to the English Barn where the Van Tassel party is in full swing.

You will have a front row seat in one of the bays in the barn to watch what transpires at the party.

Jacob Closson shares the legend of the haunted tree, where Major Andre, of Revolutionary War fame, was hanged on that very night back in the hollow by the covered bridge. Will his ghost be seen tonight?

The next tale is the lady in white, told by Agnes Closson. She tells of the lady who perished at Ravens Rock, better known to locals as the Indian Cave. Will you encounter her ghostly warnings to stay away?

The final and most famous tale of all is the legend of the headless horseman. Bones arrogantly comes forward to speak of his recent adventures with the horseman. The tale sends shivers all around. Ichabod and Katrina’s parting does not seem to go well.

The audience then boards a hay wagon for an adventuresome trip this year into the “hollow.” You’ll follow Ichabod on his horse as you encounter ghosts from the tales told in the barn along with a ghostly battle from the Revolutionary War.

As the horseman races for the covered bridge, the question is who will make it first. Will the horseman erupt into flames? Will Ichabod survive? All your questions can be answered at Perry Farm.

For ticket information, visit BTPD.org or actingouttheatreco.org. Tickets are on sale now. Groups of 40 will depart every 30 minutes from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Friday Oct. 12 and 19 and until 11 p.m. Saturday Oct. 12 and 20.

The reenactments are expected to sell out.