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Morrissey ‘spearheaded’ fluidity

November 27, 2017 GMT

Morrissey thinks he “spearheaded the movement” towards sexual and gender fluidity.

The 58-year-old singer revealed he identified as humasexual - meaning he is attracted to “humans” - in 2013 and he thinks it is “extraordinary” the way people are no longer expected to label their sexuality and he is “pleased” it means other people can be happy and at ease with themselves.

He said: “It’s extraordinary. People seem to be very relaxed by it...

“I spearheaded the movement. I know no other way, so nothing has changed for me, but the rest of the world leaps on.

“I am pleased because I want people to be happy. There is an expiration date on our lives on this planet. You have to be yourself and hopefully get some happiness from it.


“It seems everybody, in every respect of their lives, is coming out of their cupboard saying this is the person I’d like to be. I want to wear these clothes, not those that have been imposed on me. As long as nobody’s harmed, I think it’s good.”

But the ‘Spent the Day in Bed’ singer - who has previously only admitted to a two-year relationship with photographer Jake Walters - has never been on a “traditional date”, though he’s more interested in his career than having a personal life.

He told the Observer magazine: “I’ve never been on a traditional date. I’m not that kind of person. But I’m happy with my vocation.

“I’m very interested in the singing voice. I’m very interested in making a difference in music, not simply being successful.”

Asked if that means he doesn’t think it’s possible to do that and have a date, he replied: No. I’ve never found it to be so. Well, life leads me. Does it lead you?”