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Rubalcaba teaching alternative choice program at middle school

September 2, 2018 GMT

NEEDLES — Ashley Rubalcaba is a new teacher at Needles Middle School and is excited to get the school year started.

“I’m originally from Illinois but I have lived in Needles for 13 years,” said Rubalcaba. “I’ve taught pretty much every grade level from elementary school all the way to high school where I taught the special ed class.”

“I got into teaching because I’ve always liked to work with children,” said Rubalcaba. “I had a fifth grade teacher who was a missionary in Africa and she made a huge impact on my life and that’s one of the reasons why I became a teacher. I want to be an impact on children like my fifth grade teacher was an impact in my life.”


Rubalcaba is going to be teaching alternative choice at the middle school which is a class to help students who are below a 1.5 GPA and get them back on track.

“I think some of the challenges that I’ll face are motivating the students and helping them see their full potential,” said Rubalcaba. “A lot of times some students don’t realize that they can do better and obtain their goals. Some advantages of teaching this class are seeing the students have those ‘a-ha moments’ where they finally get it and understand it. As a teacher, I can tell that they’re very proud of themselves and that makes it very special.”

When Rubalcaba first applied she had a feeling that this would be the position she would’ve ended up getting.

“I was up for the challenge,” said Rubalcaba. “Since I’ve taught elementary school students for a long time I was looking for a new challenge and I found the perfect position.”

“I’m excited to be teaching in Needles and I feel like this is my home. I’m excited to be part of the community pride that Needles has,” said Rubalcaba. “I’m ready for school to start and I’m ready for anything that this year throws at me.”