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Thank a teacher this week -- John Mutschler

May 2, 2017 GMT

The last few years have been rough on educators in general and teachers specifically.

Act 10 coupled with the constant public bashing of school teachers has left Wisconsin with a demoralized group of educators and a major teacher shortage. It will take years to build the profession of teaching back to what it was prior to 2010.

Teaching is one of the most noble, difficult and rewarding professions. Teachers give of themselves in many incredible ways. Great teachers make a difference in the lives of those they touch. The time has come to stop blaming teachers for all of the ills of society and begin to celebrate the remarkable contributions they make to our children, families and communities.


It is teacher appreciation week through Friday. This is a great time to give your favorite teacher a great gift: A simple “thank you.”

John Mutschler, Dodgeville