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West Point officials increase paving

March 30, 2017 GMT

WEST POINT — In an effort to make sure everything turns out as good as it should, the West Point City Council met in special session on Thursday to consider a change order in the roadwork being done through town.

According to City Manager Gary Menke, the purpose of the meeting was to talk about updating work on the main street of West Point.

“A change order was up for discussion,” Menke said. “We currently have a road project on Avenue D. The change order was to increase the pavement from Seventh Street to Eighth Street, and this was approved by the council.”

Menke said the original plan was to cut a storm drain from 7th Street to 8th Street.


“This took a five foot chunk of the road,” Menke said. “So Jones Contracting came to us and suggested that rather than just patching it, since he was already here he would give the city a good price on paving the entire thing rather than just the patchwork.”

Menke said the additional cost of the work will be $61,879. This will make the total cost of the project $720,656.

The current time line of the project was three months.

“We are two weeks in so we are still looking at two and a half months,” Menke said.