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Emma Watson is trying to ‘navigate feminism’

February 14, 2017 GMT

Emma Watson has been taking advice about “navigating feminism”.

The 26-year-old actress, who also serves as a United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador, has sought the advice of the acclaimed English author Caitlin Moran about the issue of gender inequality and has revealed she has formed a close friendship with the writer.

Recalling their first meeting, Emma said: “We ended up having coffee and she gave me all this fantastic advice about navigating feminism. It was such a relief.”

In fact, the ‘Harry Potter’ star said that Caitlin’s approach to life and feminism has helped to open her to a whole new way of thinking.


She told ELLE magazine: “Caitlin has a certain resilience which I find particularly inspiring. She had this much bigger birds eye view than I did at a time of some of the things I was struggling with.”

However, Emma stressed that Caitlin’s humorous approach to life has also helped her to understand the complexities of feminism.

She shared: “The kind of perspective I have and the longevity she has, kind of felt very steadying. She’s so f**king funny so that helps.”

What’s more, Emma spoke out in support of the recent Women’s Marches, which were staged across the world in protest against gender inequality.

Emma said she felt hugely excited by the scale of the movement and was impressed by how well organised it was, too.

She explained: “That has been the upside of the downsides of late which is difficult times, but also this emerging, very cohesive group of women that are being very vocal and showing real solidarity.

“The fact that we managed to organise one of the most peaceful, largest protests in history, says so much about what we can achieve and about us as a group. It feels very exciting.”