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Earth Conservancy: Several Projects Still Underway

April 29, 2018 GMT

About half of the former coal land that Earth Conservancy started with is now repurposed.

The organization is working to reclaim and transfer the approximately 8,000 acres that remain.

One of the projects underway is reclaiming a site south of Nanticoke called “Bliss Bank.”

The entire site is about 100 acres. Phase 1 transformed about 36 acres in Newport Twp. that was riddled with the remnants of mining, like culm banks and pits. Reclamation work on two more sections is underway, as well as stream restoration on the nearby Espy Run.

An access road will eventually connect the site with the end of the South Valley Parkway.


Another site sits nearby. The “Hanover 9” parcel is north of the South Valley Parkway and between Luzerne County Community College and Route 29.

It’s about 325 acres. Under Blue Coal ownership, it was the site of prospect mining, when the company searched for worthwhile sites to extract coal. Lately it’s been used as a site to put excavated material that makes room for the highway.

The site is close to that highway and to other lands that are being transformed for industry. Earth Conservancy has a pending sales agreement with NorthPoint Development for the land.

“This is the next developable parcel that’s on our plate to be sold,” Dziak said.