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Fairfield vacation compound a well-kept secret

March 30, 2017 GMT

FAIRFIELD — One would think that a 10,000-square-foot home nestled in Fairfield’s Greenfield Hill section would have garnered some attention over the years, at least among real estate junkies.

But when 1610 Hillside Road went on the market, listing agent Andrew Whiteley said his fellow Realtors had never heard of the sprawling estate.

“Nobody knew this was back here,” Whiteley said.

And there was a reason for that. The home hasn’t been on the market for at least 40 years. During that time, it has never been used as a permanent residence. Whiteley said the family that owns the house lives in Manhattan, and only uses the Hillside property as a vacation home. Through the decades, they rebuilt and reshaped it into a palatial compound of the sort that looks like it could be home to Bruce Wayne or Daddy Warbucks.


The family had three sons who, over the years, had families of their own, and Whiteley said each family has its own little apartment within the Hillside Road home. The house, listed at about $3.5 million, is an escape in the truest sense of the word, Whiteley said.

“You could come out here from New York for the weekend and almost never have to leave the property,” he said

Not only does the property have the basic trappings of a luxury estate — a pool, tennis courts, gym, etc. — but there’s a movie theater on site. And this is no mere screening room. It’s a full 10-seat theater, and Whiteley said the family even put in a snack counter that they stocked with candy and other treats. Practically the only thing separating it from an actual multiplex is a staff of surly teens.

There’s a 2,000 bottle wine cellar, complete with a corkboard wall. There’s a guest house with its own private entrance. And there’s a billiard room that looks like something out of an English hunting lodge, with fringed green lanterns suspended over the table. There’s even an old-fashioned scoring abacus set into the wall.

The grounds of the property cement its stately home vibe. The house sits on more than three acres, and the grounds and gardens are impeccably maintained and landscaped — including the hundreds of boxwood plants that dot the property. Whiteley said the shrubs are so plentiful that, at one time, the estate was actually called “The Boxwoods.” He said there is like so much boxwood planted there because the shrubs are relatively easy to care for.

Though luxurious homes litter the landscape in Fairfield, Whiteley said the Hillside house in a class by itself. “I’ve never seen a house around here that’s designed as a complete retreat,” he said.

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