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Olive Garden’s newest manicotti dish is topped with a ‘giant’ 12-ounce meatball

April 4, 2018 GMT

You might want to split this meatball.

Olive Garden is now making a 12-ounce meatball served atop two cheese-stuffed manicotti. The giant meatball – equivalent in weight to six tennis balls – is part of a Big Italian Classics promotion, which includes four extra-large offerings.

The four entrees are: a giant manicotti with meat sauce, starting at $12.99; a giant handmade meatball and four-cheese manicotti, starting at $17.99; stuffed fettuccine alfredo, starting at $14.49; and stuffed fettuccine alfredo with chicken or shrimp, starting at $18.99.

The new dishes are on the menu through May 27.


On the web: www.olivegarden.com.