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7 reasons why Minnesotans hate mosquitoes

July 16, 2018 GMT

Theyre killers. They spread not just malaria and West Nile virus, but all sorts of lesser known diseases, such as equine encephalitis, a dangerous outbreak of which in the 1940s preceded the creation of the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District in 1958.

Theyre prolific. One female can lay more than 200 eggs at a time. Many species will hatch right after a rainfall and be ready to turn you into a blood meal five to seven days later.

They dont have a stinger. Its much worse: Their mouth is basically a syringe.

Theyre loud. That buzzing noise you ear is the flapping of their wings as they zero in on you.


They are persistent, not just in their buzziness but also in their thirst. Experiments have determined that some mosquitoes can spend up to four minutes enjoying a blood meal.

They pick their targets. According to some studies, mosquitoes are more attracted to pregnant women because they breathe out more of a mosquitos catnip: carbon dioxide. The bubbles from a mug of beer also make beer drinkers tasty targets.

They make it harder to enjoy our brief summers. If youre a planning a barbecue, do you spray your yard first? Pack repellent in the picnic hamper and hope for the best? Make sure to avoid water and woods? Wear a hazmat suit?