Your Style: Sylwia Bujak

March 31, 2018 GMT

Sylwia Bujak arrived in Rochester via an indisputably interesting route.

“I was born and bred in Poland,” says Bujak, 39. “I moved to the UK in 2006, where I met my husband, Gavin. We moved with our 1-year-old daughter, Arianna, to the USA in 2012. Gavin works at Mayo. He is a bioinformatician. And Arianna is a first grader.

“I was a lawyer back home. I currently work as a membership services manager at 125 LIVE. (Since this interview, Sylwia has been promoted to operations director.) I am also a personal trainer and fitness instructor at 125 LIVE, the DAHLC (Daniel Abraham Healthy Living Center) and the YMCA. My favorite class is a boxing class, because nothing feels better, after long week, than to punch all the stress out of a bag.”


Please introduce us to your style.

I’d say my style is not boring business casual. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I often look sweaty and disheveled. So when I dress, I tend to make sure I look good. I like to color-coordinate. I spend a lot of time to search for perfect shoes, socks, top or even a pattern. I often come across people who cannot recognize me because I look so different than at the gym.

How did your arrive at your style?

My style originates from my teenage years. I had a friend who introduced me to all ‘fire’ colors — it was some sort of fixation, back in the ’90s, with “Twin Peaks” — and ever since I love all yellows and oranges.

When I studied law, everyone wanted to have this lawyer look, but I was always a rebel — so I would add those bright accents or funky socks or colorful bags to break the monotony.

Where do you find the right clothes for you?

I always go back to Poland to shop. My style originates there and I find a lot of styles that are decently priced and pleasant for the eye.

I think American clothes that are great are quite pricey. I don’t like to spend too much because I get bored easily.

Your most essential wardrobe component?

My grays. I just work on finer details, mainly with scarves and jewelry that I design and create myself.

What should every well-dressed woman have as part of her wardrobe?

Nice shoes. I am big fan of high heels — I own over 70 of them — as they make ladies’ legs longer, slimmer and generally sexy. I also think a woman should have a few nice dresses for special occasions — and they don’t have to be necessarily black!

What do you hope to teach Arianna about style?

My daughter already knows how to put clothes together. She likes to color-coordinate and likes compliments and attention and likes soft materials and jewelry. Her string of faux white pearls is her favorite.

Words of wisdom?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and invest in yourself to make sure you feel good in your own body. Learn to complement this body with the clothes.