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Giuliani backtracks on comments about Mueller interview: Trump may answer obstruction questions

September 7, 2018 GMT

President Trump may be willing to beinterviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller, despite previous comments made by his attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Mr. Giuliani backpedaled on the claim late Thursday night in an interview with Politico. He told the paper that the president’s legal team is still “very opposed to that” but hasn’t completely shut it down.

Earlier in the evening, Mr. Giuliani was quoted telling the Associated Press that questions regarding obstruction were a “no-go.”

“It’s a little complicated,” Mr. Giulani explained to Politico. “I think the AP got it a little wrong, but it could be my fault and I didn’t describe it right.”


An outright denial could have forced the Mueller team to subpoena the president.

Mr. Giuliani said an agreementcould be reached this weekend.

President Trump has been insistent in wanting to answer questions from the special counsel under oath, despite hesitation from his legal team.

The Mueller probe is investigating Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election, which has resulted in several indictments of foreign actors and potential collusion from the Trump campaign.

It also encompasses a look into whether or not the president is guilty of obstruction of justice by pressuring senior officials overseeing the investigation.