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October 23, 2016 GMT

Don’t believe right-wing conspiracies

As a Republican I want to respond to Ms. Jost’s recent letter. I think she would be happier if she stopped listening to, and blindly believing, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and all the right-wing propaganda and conspiracy theories that have gone on for 20 to 30 years now. Some fact-checking might be helpful. Did you hear the latest? Conspiracy theory talk show host Alex Jones has told us Hillary and Obama are the devil and that they smell of evil and sulfur — This guy is a nut case.

Clinton has no desire to take our guns and has never indicated she has any thought of doing so. She has also never threatened to take any radio talk shows off the air. Trump is the one who wants to shut down the news media. And voter fraud? Where do you get your information about any illegals voting and, “boxes full of pre-marked ballots for Hillary in Ohio”?


Clinton has lied and has made some mistakes but she also has a life of service to others. Trump lies all the time and even lies about his lies, and he has never done service to anyone other than Donald Trump. He has no qualifications to be president — bankruptcies, lawsuits, jobs in China, failure to pay workers, attacking anyone with whom he disagrees, etc.

As to Trump’s words that “really don’t hurt anyone” — we each have our personal opinions. Here is mine. I don’t understand how any woman who respects herself and/or other women can, in good conscience, vote for Trump.

So I don’t know just what Ms. Jost thinks a Trump presidency can do for her. I guess if he wins we can all find out how really lost this country is.

Prawitz committed to Roseburg

I have known Brian Prawitz for many years. He is one of the most willing and reliable volunteers in our community. He has volunteered with the Kiwanis Club, served as a very capable and entertaining emcee at the First Citizen Banquet and helped DTO with our Fishery Enhancement Derby. In our times of need, Brian has been there. He has led our community in welcoming our National Guard soldiers home from war and also came to the table to help guide UCC Strong.

His actions speak louder than anything he has ever said on the radio.

Now, he is proving his commitment to Roseburg by stepping up as a candidate for city council.

Brian’s relationships with local business leaders and organizations will make him an effective leader, but his energy, attitude and success are the things that will make him a great addition to the Roseburg City Council.


I enthusiastically support Brian Prawitz and urge voters in ward 3 to vote for Brian Prawitz for Roseburg City Council.

Never trust GOP’s ‘Hate Machine’

Considering not voting for either Hillary or Trump? Remember that no third-party candidate can win and thus affect national policy.

Bernie supporters must realize that only electing Hillary can possibly result in the enactment of positions that Bernie fought so hard to include in the Democratic platform. Hillary is not perfect. She lacks the charisma of an Obama. She has made mistakes.

However, never trust the Republican right’s “Hate Machine,” which often fabricates untruths about her. Although part of the “establishment,” throughout her long political career Hillary has fought hard to help women, children and the poor. She became well known as an outstanding Secretary of State. Unlike her opponent, she understands international diplomacy and carefully thinks about consequences before she speaks or acts.

Trump boasts he is the strongman to single-handedly recreate this country. He lies continuously and repeats slogans which inflame rally crowds toward hatred, fear and even violence. He would wall out Latinos and ban all Muslims as dangerous enemies from entering America. If elected he will work to have his political opponent imprisoned. Basically, he has become more fascist than Republicans.

Trump has made bullying a model for young people to follow. His verbal attacks on those who disagree with him are increasingly vicious. He boasts about sexual assault. He is increasingly unstable, saying he will not accept election results if he loses. We must all work together to stop this madman.

McKinney is most qualified for judge position

I have practiced law in Douglas County for over 20 years, and I am endorsing Dan McKinney for Douglas County Circuit Court Judge.

A judicial vacancy exists because Judge Randy Garrison is retiring, and Judge Garrison has more civil law experience than any of the other sitting judges. His replacement also needs to have extensive experience with civil law rather than criminal law. Our citizens have a right to access our judicial system to resolve civil law issues such as contract disputes, divorces, easement and boundary disputes, custody issues, business disputes and more. Attorney Dan McKinney has practiced civil law for over 35 years and has litigated numerous complex civil cases.

Dan McKinney is the most qualified candidate to replace Judge Garrison. For the benefit of our county, please vote Dan McKinney for Douglas County Circuit Court Judge.

Sandra Thorn is a natural leader

In an election year where so many are motivated to vote against a candidate rather than for one, it’s incredibly refreshing to have a mayoral candidate in Winston that we can gladly support.

Sandra Thorn is the kind of leader I wish we could find at every level. She is a hard-working “doer” — unafraid to roll up her sleeves in support of her community as she has demonstrated through countless hours of service to Winston. She is not flashy or self-promoting. She is candid and direct. She is level-headed and logical. She has no use for petty politics and power-grabbing. She genuinely respects her fellow citizens, regardless of their circumstance or views. Perhaps most of all (or all in all) she has immense integrity.

One of my first interactions with Sandra involved her privately encouraging the leadership of the Winston Core Project to ensure that the tone of our discussions aligned with the goals of our community — primarily that it showed respect for all of our neighbors. Sandra didn’t publicly chastise anyone to get attention or admiration for herself. Rather, she reached out in a respectful and encouraging way to help us be better and do better for our community.

That’s the kind of community spirit and quiet, constant, integrity that I and so many in our community have come to expect from Sandra Thorn. We would be very fortunate to have such an excellent leader for the City of Winston.

Library questions answered

I am a part of the Save Our Libraries Political Action Committee. We have been talking with a great many people throughout the county. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Taxes in Douglas County are low compared to the rest of the state. Douglas County median tax is eighth from the lowest: $1,245. Comparing Jackson, Josephine, Coos, Curry, Douglas and Lane counties show that only Josephine has a lower median tax. Twenty-seven counties in Oregon have higher median taxes, up to $2,814. Details can be found at saveourlibraries.org. Douglas County residents have never paid taxes for all the services citizens receive. Timber receipts generously paid up to half in the past.

2. The yes vote creates an independent special library district. It will be totally separate from the county system, leadership, rules and pay systems.

3. The new district will be governed by five volunteer directors elected by the voters. They will be elected at regular intervals on a rotating schedule with the initial directors being chosen by the voters Nov. 8.

4. The tax rate is 44 cents per $1,000 (not much different than the UCC tax). It can be reduced but it can never be greater than that amount.

5. The design of the library system is flexible and will be monitored by the directors and altered according to varying community needs, technology needs, advances and uses. It will serve the public rather than be directed by the county budget which has been historically unpredictable.