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Arrest Log: 3/1/2018

March 1, 2018 GMT


-- Eric To, 24, 8 Maranda St., Worcester; warrant.

-- David Dion, 30, 18 Manning Road; warrants.

-- Christopher Raymond, 35, 11 Sheila Ave.; warrants (larceny under $250, possession of Class E drug).

-- Jami Van Lier, 28, 46 Autumn Run, Hooskett, N.H.; warrants (suspended license, possession of Class B drug).

-- Wayne Normil, 37, 4 Comanche Circle, Billerica; warrant (assault with dangerous weapon).


-- Andrew S. Verge, 23, 1975 Middlesex St., Lowell; warrants (failure to appear for operating a motor vehicle with suspended license and failure to appear for forgery of check), operating after suspension, and leaving scene of accident.


-- Johvanny Antonio Jimenez, 40, 429 Broadway Apt. 1, Lawrence; operating after suspension; altering, stealing, false inspection sticker, license, defective equipment; furnishing false name or social security.

-- Heriberto Valentin, 42, 76 S. Whipple St., Lowell; warrant (failure to appear for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle).

-- Amber Gonzalez, 21, 515 East Merrimack, Lowell; failure to appear for unregistered motor vehicle.

-- Yasmine DeCologero, 24, 75 Beech St.; assault and battery, assault and battery of a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.

-- Jeremy McKenna, 32, 60 Amherst St., No. 1, Ashland; assault and battery of a police officer, two counts of violation of dangerous weapon (knife and throwing darts), resisting arrest, warrant (negligent operation of a motor vehicle).

--Thomas Jenkins, 36, 10 Pond Lane, Billerica; operation of motor vehicle under influence, open container of liquor in motor vehicle.

-- Kalif Brooks, 21, 40 Chestnut St., Nashua, N.H.; warrants (failure to appear for resisting arrest, assault and battery).

-- Christopher Baras, 19, 344 Forest St., South Hamilton; disturbing peace, assault and battery of police officer.

-- David Stellberger, 30, 66 Lake St., Apt. C, Nashua, N.H.; disorderly conduct, assault, willful/malicious destruction over $250, open and gross lewdness, resisting arrest.

-- Jeremy McKenna, 32, 60 Amherst St., No. 1, Ashland; disorderly conduct, attempt to commit a crime, disturbing/breach of peace while armed.

-- Luis Mejias, 30, 8 March St., Second Floor; warrant (operation of motor vehicle with suspended license).

-- Heriberto Rodriguez, 46, 50 West St.; warrant (failure to appear for operation of motor vehicle with suspended license).


-- Carlos Acero, 19, 26 Seventh St., Second Floor; operating without license.

-- Cheryl Deschene, 54, 417 Hildreth St., Unit 27; warrant (assault and battery).

-- Josefina Rodriguez, 43, 1260 Westford St., Unit B27; warrant (failure to appear for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon).

-- Jason Kasilowski, 42, 122 Jewett St.; resisting arrest, fugitive from justice.

-- Fredrick Mlati, 36, 81 Beaulieu St.; operating after revocation.

-- Richard Johnston, 24, 12 Belview St., Second Floor; warrants (failure to appear for two counts of unlicensed operation of motor vehicle and larceny less than $250, and failure to pay fine for shoplifting).

-- Juan Orozco, 26, 189 Middlesex St. (shelter); disorderly conduct, warrants (failure to appear for receiving stolen credit card, and failure to pay fine for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle).

-- Kimthy Un, 41, homeless; warrant (failure to pay fine for shoplifting).