Boy charged with making school shooting threats

February 5, 2021 GMT

BUNNELL, Fla. (AP) — A 12-year-old Florida boy has been arrested for threatening a school shooting, authorities said.

The boy was taken into custody Wednesday and charged with false report concerning the use of firearms, according to a Flagler County Sheriff’s Office news release. This is the third such threat in as many weeks in the county, officials said.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said in the news release that his office investigates every threat and will make arrests if there is probable cause.


“Parents - it is time to talk to your children and remind them that their words matter,” Staly said. “Please be the Sheriff in your home so we don’t have to be.”

A witness notified authorities that the boy told multiple students at Bunnell Elementary School not to come to school the next day because he was “shooting up the school.” When investigators contacted the boy and his parents, he claimed it was a joke and appeared “remorseful and apologetic,” authorities said. After being booked, the boy was released into the custody of his parents.

A previous case involved an 11-year-old who was accused of threatening to use a gun and mace against his classmates and blow up the school. Officers found a can of mace and a pocketknife in the boy’s backpack. Before that, an 18-year-old recorded a song threatening to kill a school administrator after he had been suspended for a dress code violation and using offensive language.