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Self-Proclaimed Cereal Capital Regains Longest Breakfast Table Title

June 7, 1986 GMT

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) _ More than 26,000 people bellied up Saturday to eat the city’s pride - cereal - at a 2,800-foot long table as Battle Creek laid claim again to the record of the world’s longest breakfast table.

Springfield, Mass., had taken the title from Battle Creek on May 18, when 24,000 people ate pancakes at a 2,500-foot-long table.

Under overcast skies, 25,912 people sat down at the string of picnic tables to eat single-serving boxes of breakfast cereals made by hometown companies the Kellogg Co., General Foods Corp. and Ralston Purina Co., said event chairman Todd Angood.


An additional 875 townfolk were fed by clothier Alex Ratti, who for years has served up ham and eggs at the community breakfast table.

Battle Creek’s first shot at the breakfast table record was organized in 1956 to mark Kellogg’s 50th anniversary. Springfield gained the title with a 1977 pancake breakfast, but Battle Creek came back two years later with a table that earned a Guinness Book of World Records listing.

Springfield wrested back the title May 18 with another pancake breakfast held as part of that city’s 350th birthday celebration.

Judy Matt, commissioner of the Springfield mayor’s Office of Community Affairs, congratulated Battle Creek on Saturday but said Springfield would like to go after the record next year.

The event attracted local residents and visitors from New York, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, California and even Massachusetts.