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NJ Man Sues Viagra Over Car Crash

July 29, 1998 GMT

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) _ Joseph Moran took Viagra for a date. He did not have sex that night, but said the anti-impotence drug caused blue flashes from his fingertips _ and that made him crash his car.

Moran, a used-car salesman, has sued drug maker Pfizer Inc. for $110 million. His lawyer said it’s the first lawsuit over what those who take the wildly popular drug describe as a side effect _ a blue tinge in the vision.

The July 1 crash happened after Moran, 53, was driving home after a date. Moran had taken Viagra an hour earlier, but ``never went past necking,″ said the lawyer, Ronald R. Benjamin of New York.


Moran said he began seeing blue spots in a blue haze.

``I’m reaching to take the cassette out of the radio, I see like electric current lines, like lightning, going from my fingers to the radio,″ Moran said. The next thing he remembers is seeing a police officer by the window of his totaled 1994 Thunderbird.

``When I got the police report I saw I hit two parked cars, a sign and a tree. I didn’t even know it,″ said Moran, who owns City Line Auto Sales.

Pfizer would not comment.

Moran said he now has neck pain that makes sleep difficult and finger numbness.

He had taken the drug about 30 times before, without side effects, in a bid to improve his sexual performance, Benjamin said. Moran does not suffer from impotence, the lawyer said, and he has stopped taking Viagra.

Moran said he was not aware that Pfizer has advised only men suffering from impotence to take Viagra. Moran said his plastic surgeon wrote his Viagra prescription.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in state Supreme Court. Benjamin has also sued Pfizer Inc. on behalf of several men who say Viagra caused heart attacks, including an $85 million lawsuit filed July 16 in the same court.