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Stalker Banished to Next Province

October 24, 1997 GMT

VICTORIA, British Columbia (AP) _ A man convicting of stalking a woman was banished from Alberta for three years and given a one-way bus ticket to Victoria, a move that outraged British Columbian officials.

``I’m really disappointed the judge made this decision,″ said Victoria’s police chief, Doug Richardson. ``It’s a bizarre decision.″

The stalker, Jocelyn Joseph Mageau, 42, was placed aboard a Victoria-bound bus Thursday in Edmonton, Alberta, 560 miles to the east.

At a hearing Wednesday, Alberta Judge Richard Marceau sentenced Mageau to one day in jail and placed him on three years probation for harassing and stalking a former college classmate. His probation requires him to stay out of Alberta, and Victoria was selected as his destination after courtroom consultations.

British Columbia’s attorney general, Ujjal Dosanjh, urged the Alberta government to consider appealing the sentence. ``It’s not appropriate to inflict criminals from one jurisdiction on another,″ Dosanjh said.

The incident had some parallels with a controversy two years ago, when Alberta angered the British Columbia government by giving welfare recipients one-way bus tickets to the far-western province.