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Quotes From the O.J. Simpson Trial

August 7, 1995 GMT

Selected quotes from the O.J. Simpson case Monday:

``The matter is remanded ... for issuance of a summons ... directing Laura Hart McKinny to attend, along with any and all videotapes, transcripts and documents relating to the interviews of Detective Mark Furhman (sic), and testify, if called as a witness.″ _ North Carolina Court of Appeals, ruling that a screenwriting professor can be subpoenaed by the Simpson defense.

``I’ve been very consistent in expressing my opinions about contamination and my concerns.″ _ John Gerdes, defense DNA expert, on his five-year record of opposition to use of PCR testing in criminal cases due to risk of error.

``All you have told the jury is there might be contamination in this case, is that correct?″ _ Prosecutor George Clarke, cross-examining Gerdes.

``Is this any way to run a DNA laboratory?″

``No.″ _ Exchange between defense attorney Barry Scheck and Gerdes on proficiency of Los Angeles police crime lab.

``I have instructed them in the most graphic and simple way that I can. Mr. Simpson can sit here and sleep through the whole trial if he cares to.″ _ Superior Court Judge Lance Ito, reminding lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr. that he has already told jurors the defense does not have to prove Simpson’s innocence.