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Disgraced Sportscaster Marv Albert Shows Little Remorse in ABC Interview and Says Both His

November 6, 1997 GMT

Disgraced Sportscaster Marv Albert Shows Little Remorse in ABC Interview and Says Both His Former Lover and a Second Accuser Were LiarsBy DAVID BAUDER

NEW YORK (AP) _ Disgraced broadcaster Marv Albert, in his first interview since pleading guilty to assault in a lurid sex case, showed little remorse and said both his former lover and a second accuser were liars.

``What happened, what she did to me, is just unbelievable,″ Albert said in an interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters to be broadcast Friday night.

The 56-year-old sportscaster cut short his trial six weeks ago, pleading guilty. A judge spared him jail time, telling him record would be wiped clean if he stayed out of trouble for a year. NBC fired him shortly after he made his plea.

A longtime lover, Vanessa Perhach, had accused Albert of biting her on the back more than a dozen times and forcing her to perform oral sex in a Virginia hotel room last February. She said he was angry when she wouldn’t agree to bring in another man for three-way sex.

Transcripts of the interview with Ms. Walters were released today. Albert said he never tried to force oral sex on Ms. Perhach and that she had asked him to bite her on the back.

Although Albert apologized in court for hurting Ms. Perhach, he told Ms. Walters that tape of Ms. Perhach talking to police that night was ``an Academy Award performance.″

``She was trying to extort me,″ he said. ``I think she saw it as a last opportunity, that she may not see me anymore because I had indicated that I was about to get engaged to Heather (Faulkiner).″

Albert also called ``a complete fabrication″ the accusation of another woman, Patricia Masten, who said Albert made a pass at her in a Dallas hotel room when he exposed himself and was wearing women’s underwear.

``She told me she had a crush on me and she wanted to have sex,″ he said. ``I did not.″

The woman, a hotel employee, said Albert lured her to his hotel room on a pretext, then bit and tried to force her to perform oral sex. She said she escaped by pulling off Albert’s toupee. Albert said he had a hair stylist ready to testify that he was wearing a hair weave that would not have pulled off.

The broadcaster admitted to engaging in three-way sex once with Ms. Perhach and another woman, but said she accused him of getting angry the night of the biting incident because she needed a reason to explain why he snapped.


``She’s dealing with a person who has never snapped,″ Albert said. ``I mean, my personality is not to get angry.″

Albert is undergoing court-ordered therapy and says he finds it ``extremely helpful″ in explaining why people are unfaithful. He did say he regretted being unfaithful to his then-wife in the past and to Ms. Faulkiner.

``You don’t think that you need therapy because your sex life was kinky?″ Ms. Walters asked.

Replied Albert: ``No, I really feel that’s been overrated.″