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Teen Who Held Hostages In School in Georgia Surrenders After 5( Hours

September 6, 1990 GMT

CUMMING, Ga. (AP) _ A high school sophomore held a half-dozen or more schoolmates at gunpoint for several hours today, demanding such things as soft drinks, candy and a school bus before finally surrendering to police, authorities said.

Forsyth County Sheriff Wesley Walraven said the youth surrendered shortly before 2 p.m., about 5 1/2 hours after the incident began, and was being taken to the county jail. There were no injuries.

The boy and the hostages attended the combined South Forsyth middle school- high school, said Joyce Shadburn, a spokeswoman for the county’s school superintendent.


Sgt. J. Frix of the sheriff’s department said the boy held 40-50 hostages at first, but most were released during the morning. He estimated that fewer than 10 remained hostage by the time the boy surrendered.

The boy’s name was not released.

Stan Harrison, the school’s football coach, said the boy was armed with a rifle, a shotgun and a handgun. Two other coaches struggled with the boy when he first produced the weapons, and one gun went off during the struggle, he said.

″He’s a good kid and a smart kid,″ Harrison said. ″I think he has a little trouble at home.″

Ms. Shadburn said some of the hostages were freed in exchange for candy and soda. The only other demand was for a school bus, she said, adding that a bus had been taken to the scene.

One of the freed girls, Shelly Dixon, said the boy told ″us to stand up and put our hands on our heads. He started cussing at us. He said if we said anything, he’d shoot us.″

Capt. Jerry Padgett of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department said the situation generally stayed calm as authorities negotiated with the student.

The sheriff’s department was called in by the school around 8:30 a.m.

Other students were evacuated from the school, and streets in the area were blocked, authorities said. ″They have the area barricaded off. It’s not in a residential area.″

The school is located about five miles south of Cumming, a town of 2,100 north of Atlanta.

Buses were arranged to take the evacuated students home, Ms. Shadburn said.