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Acquaintances Say Confessed Serial Killer Was Obsessed With Women

August 9, 1992 GMT

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. (AP) _ Nathaniel White claimed voices in his head and violent movies drove him to kill six people. But acquaintances portrayed a man with a long history of sexual aggression toward women.

″He always talked about women. He talked about the things he wanted to do to them - sexual things,″ said Christopher Garrison, brother of White’s live- in girlfriend, Jill Garrison. ″He was constantly obsessed by it.″

Garrison is the father of Christine Klebbe, 14, the youngest of six people White says he killed. She was buried Friday.

White, 32, from Middletown, was charged Tuesday with six counts of murder.

He confessed to killing five women and Klebbe in a spree he said began March 1991 after he saw the futuristic horror movie ″Robocop.″

Defense attorney Bernard Brady said White’s defense would involve his alleged psychiatric problems.

All of the victims were from the Hudson Valley, near Middletown, about 55 miles north of New York City. White had moved to the area after being paroled in April from a prison sentence for abducting a woman at knifepoint.

Five of the victims were slain in July, after his release, police said.

In interviews Wednesday, White told New York City television station WNBC- TV and The Times Herald Record of Middletown that when he drank he heard voices that told him to pick up women and attack them.

″Once I got so much alcohol in me, I just snapped. I couldn’t control it,″ he said.

He said he copied a stabbing scene from a ″Robocop″ movie when he slit Juliana Frank’s throat and chest. The body of Frank, 27, was found in March 1991 on an abandoned railroad track.

″I would ... see something violent happen, and it seems to just sink in,″ he said.

White led police to the bodies of Angelina Hopkins, 23, and Brenda Whiteside, 20, both beaten to death and buried in a field in Goshen.

The body of Adriane Hunter, 27, had been found days earlier in the same field. He also led them to the body of Klebbe, which was buried a few miles away.

The other victim was Laurette Huggins Reviere, 34, found in her home July 10.

Louis Watson, who lived on the same block in Poughkeepsie where White spent his teen years, said White boasted about his purported sexual exploits, but in reality was frequently rejected by women.


″He’d get rejected from ladies all the time,″ Watson said. ″I kind of figured all this rejection was building up, building up.″

Jill Garrison, White’s girlfriend, declined to be interviewed by The Associated Press. But she has said in other interviews that White was kind and helped clean the apartment they shared in the town of Wallkill outside Middletown.

In court papers filed before White’s 1987 sentencing for robbery, he said his parents were factory workers who moved the family to Poughkeepsie in the early 1970s. White said he had a good relationship with them.

After graduating from Poughkeepsie High School in 1979, White worked for a year before joining the Army. He was discharged in 1983, moved to Maryland and returned to New York.

He had several problems after his release from prison earlier this year.

Last May a family court ordered him to stay away from Garrison’s two daughters. The court wouldn’t disclose the reason for the order.

On July 30, White was fired after three days on a job packing paint brush handles into boxes for RAL Industries, Inc., of Harriman, said owner Adrianne Lucas.

″He picked up the job quicker on the first day than anyone in 13 years,″ Lucas said. But White became sullen as more was expected of him, and he was quickly dismissed, Lucas said.