Judge rules Georgia man’s ricin possession didn’t break law

October 3, 2018 GMT

ATLANTA (AP) — The federal case against a white supremacist jailed for 20 months after exposing himself to ricin has fallen apart. Prosecutors blamed “a technical error” by Congress, which didn’t include the deadly material in its list of illegal biological toxins.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Story dismissed the possession charge against William Christopher Gibbs and ordered his immediate release on Sept. 21.

The Gainesville Times first reported on the judge’s order, which said Gibbs might be charged under some other law, but “cannot be convicted under this one.”


Gibbs was 27 when he drove to a hospital in February 2017 and said he was exposed to ricin, which is found in castor beans and can be deadly when purified.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Gibbs associated with the Church of Creativity movement.